Maness Campaign Momentum Continues, Exceeds Fundraising Goal

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Grassroots momentum continues to build for U.S. Senate candidate Col. Rob Maness (R-LA). The Maness campaign filed finance report with the Federal Elections Commission yesterday, showing more than $100,000 in donations and exceeding the campaigns goal. In the quarter that ended Sept. 30, the Maness campaign received more than $58,000 - more than one-quarter of what establishment candidate and long-time elected politician Bill Cassidy raised. Donations ranged from $5 to the maximum level of $2,600.
"Before I entered this race, a friend told me you either need to be rich or corrupt to succeed in politics," Maness said.  "I'm going to prove them wrong.  We entered this race as a political outsider, knowing we'd be going up against well-funded political machines from both sides of the aisle.  That we've stimulated this level of support from a broad range of donors is extremely encouraging, and we are excited as we continue to move forward."
Since launching the campaign, Maness has traveled more than 23,000 miles in Louisiana, meeting voters in diverse settings and being a guest speaker for a number of organizations.  More than 57,000 individuals have taken interest in the campaign and are now following Facebook and Twitter feeds - triple the number of individuals who follow Congressman Cassidy and Mary Landrieu. More than 200 dedicated, active, grassroots volunteers throughout the state have also signed onto the efforts.
Even the media - and some politicians - are catching on.

After a recent interview with state Rep. Alan Seabaugh (R-Shreveport) a reporter noted, "In the course of his normal touring - visiting business associations and other constituents - Seabaugh said he began to hear the name Maness frequently as an alternative for Cassidy."

In today's edition of the online journal The Hayride, one writer noted, "It's time for Republicans to have a serious discussion about whether Cassidy should be the party standard bearer. Clearly, Bill Cassidy doesn't connect with Louisiana conservatives. He has followed the unpopular establishment leadership on every single continuing resolution and every single increase of the debt ceiling. His vote to support Hate Crime legislation has alienated the all-important Christian right."
Last Sunday, Col. Maness joined with thousands of his fellow veterans at the Million Veteran March in Washington, DC. Organizers selected Maness, in addition to Governor Sarah Palin and Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, as a featured speaker. The march made national news as veterans joined together to protest the Obama Administration's closure of national monuments. While in the nation's capital, he was an in-studio guest on "Fox & Friends."

Maness has been endorsed by AmeriPAC, the Conservative Campaign Committee, Restore America's Voice PAC, Combat Veterans for Congress, and the Tea Party Leadership Fund, among others.
Maness is currently driving the state in his truck, with the goal of visiting all 64 parishes before the end of the year.  So far, he has visited 18 parishes and had more than three dozen meetings with local officials and media outlets all over the state.
The so-called Republican in the race, Congressman Bill Cassidy, saw a net gain of only $200,000 in the third-quarter FEC report.
"That a sitting congressman has gained so little underscores what we've been saying since the start:  Bill Cassidy is not a true conservative and cannot effectively campaign against Mary Landrieu," Maness said.  "Public polling shows that voters are not buying Cassidy as an acceptable alternative to Landrieu, and now we see that GOP donors are agreeing with them. No matter how hard he tries he can't wash away his effort in 2007 to establish his own version of Obamacare here in Louisiana and he can't hide his donations to Landrieu, Kathleen Blanco, and other liberal Democrats.  The only way to defeat Senator Landrieu is with a true common sense conservative who can cast a contrast to her out of touch liberal policies that are bad for Louisiana.
"We are determined to reach as many people as possible - through media, mail, and most importantly, face-to-face meetings," Maness said.  "Everywhere we go we encounter support and leave with even more.  Our momentum is building and the people of Louisiana are getting behind my campaign - the only true conservative and the only Washington outsider in this race."


Rob Maness, a retired Air Force colonel, is a true constitutional conservative.  Learn more about him at or find him on Facebook at "Rob Maness US Senate - 2014."

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