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Politico is reporting that the campaign of Bill Cassidy has tweeted a photo altered to show Mary Landrieu's face on Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's body, comparing the Senate's decision to alter filibuster rules yesterday to mid-20th century fascism in Europe, and Col. Rob Maness (R-LA) says the image is offensive for a variety of reasons.

"As a 32-year veteran of the United States Air Force and the descendant of brave Americans who fought in World War II, I think this is not just inappropriate but offensive," Maness said.  "While I disagree with the Senate's decision yesterday and believe Democrats will come to rue the day they restricted the speech of all senators, comparing a political maneuver to the atrocities of fascism so many of our fellow Americans fought valiantly against is out of line.

"Although my belief that liberals in Washington are eroding our rights is well documented, it isn't just disrespectful to invoke such atrocities.  It's callous towards the Greatest Generation of Americans and should be beneath anyone running for office.  Americans are tired of divisiveness and name-calling, and Bill Cassidy should apologize to Mary Landrieu, to those in uniform who protect us from tyranny, and to all the people of Louisiana." Read more at Rob Maness for Senate

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