Maness Releases New Video About Healthcare, Personal Experience

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U.S. Senate candidate Rob Maness (R-LA) today released a new video in which he and his wife describe their experiences after Candy Maness was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.
In the video, Candy Maness speaks openly about her diagnosis and the surgery that followed - including her inability to have reconstructive surgery because the family was under the constraints of government-run healthcare.  Rob Maness was a full colonel in the U.S. Air Force at the time.
Col. Maness opted to retire and relocate the family back to Louisiana, where Candy could get the treatment she needed through private healthcare providers.
"I hope other women and their families will gain strength from our story, and I hope the people of Louisiana realize that when I talk about my opposition to Obamacare and the failures of government-run healthcare, I know firsthand what I'm talking about," Col. Maness said.  "While my 32 years in the military were a positive experience I wouldn't trade for anything, there are severe limitations on healthcare when the government is involved.
"I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to make the best decisions for my wife's health and for my family, and I don't want any of my fellow Americans to have to face such difficult times.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I encourage everyone to continue the fight against this disease while keeping up the fight for access to healthcare that does not involve government control."


Rob Maness, a retired Air Force colonel, is a true constitutional conservative.  Learn more about him at or find him on Facebook at "Rob Maness US Senate - 2014."

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