National Association of Gun Rights Endorses Maness

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Mandeville, LA - Col. Rob Maness (USAF, ret.), the conservative candidate and non-politician running against Mary Landrieu for the United States Senate, today announced his endorsement by the National Association of Gun Rights PAC, who showed their strong belief that Col. Maness is committed to the Second Amendment, which was proposed with the rest of the Bill of Rights by James Madison 225 years ago yesterday.

The National Association for Gun Rights today announced their endorsement:

The National Association for Gun Rights Political Action Committee (NAGR-PAC) is proud to endorse Col. Rob Maness to represent Louisiana in the U.S. Senate.

Maness sacrificed for his country serving in the Air Force and takes his oath of office to defend the Constitution seriously. Maness understands the Second Amendment is a right, not a privilege.

"I'm convinced he will stand up against the Washington elites who want to tell gun owners how and when they can defend themselves," said Dudley Brown, Executive Vice President of the National Association for Gun Rights. "Last year, we saw how effective only a few bold Senators can be. With the addition of Col. Maness, it's possible that gun owners could finally go on the offensive and fight to reclaim our Second Amendment rights."

Maness is an outspoken advocate for gun owners in Louisiana. His commitment to sponsor and push strong Second Amendment legislation shows his willingness to fight for our most basic rights.

"I am grateful for the support of the National Association of Gun Rights in this campaign against Mary Landrieu," Maness said. "They informed and motivated their members to oppose the UN Small Arms Treaty, which Mary Landrieu supported, which would have done great damage to America's sovereignty over our own gun laws. In the senate, I will fight against any further infringements and fight to increase the freedom to bear arms.

"Louisianans are gravitating to my candidacy because I am the only non-politician in the race and will fight for the rights of our children and grandchildren, the same rights introduced by James Madison 225 years ago."

As James Madison introduced this legislation, he said, "As I considered myself bound in honor and in duty to do what I have done on this subject, I shall proceed to bring the amendments before you..." (link).

"I am also bound by honor and duty to protect the rights of Louisianans," Maness said. "I am running against Mary Landrieu to rebuild and restore the rights guaranteed by our Constitution, those written down and those implied. I welcome the support of patriots across the state to stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with me, and together we will defeat Mary Landrieu in a runoff election on December 6th."


Col. Rob Maness is the conservative candidate and only non-politician running for United States Senate in Louisiana in 2014.  Since announcing his campaign, Rob has visited all 64 parishes and put over 50,000 miles on his truck during his travels. He has also been endorsed by Sarah Palin.  His message is one of liberty, prosperity, and certainty -- principles that career politicians have routinely betrayed and that only a citizen-legislator can be trusted to support.

Col. Maness served in the Air Force for 32 years and rose from the lowest enlisted rank at age 17 to his appointment as Wing Commander and promotion to full Colonel.  After his military career, he worked as a utility and energy executive. He resigned this position in 2013 to run for the U.S. Senate. He holds master's degrees from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, the Naval War College, and the Air Command and Staff College.

Rob and Candy Maness have five children, two of whom are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and a third who recently enlisted in the Air Force.  Col. Maness is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal and Air Medal, and served in numerous combat operations, including Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  For more about Col. Maness, click here.

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