My Principles

Protect and Defend Individual Liberty and Constitutional Rights 

These are the cornerstones of our great nation.  The Federal Government's role is to protect and defend its citizens and our inalienable rights by upholding the Constitution. I will fight against the Federal Government's infringement upon personal liberty and work to restore individual rights. I will work to restore the checks and balances of power as stated in the Constitution by insisting that each branch of government fulfills only their appropriate responsibilities and does not overstep their bounds.

Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights

The right to keep and bear arms predates our Constitution and was considered so important that our Founding Fathers listed it second, right after religious freedom and freedom of speech. The 2nd Amendment is the right that ensures all others, and therefore must be protected at all costs. Senator Landrieu voted against an amendment that would have prevented the U.S. from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. She gave away your rights to the United Nations. I will fight to ensure that no one tramples on your guaranteed rights.

Establish Economic Growth Policies

Create a vibrant private sector by implementing reforms that will incentivize hard-working American small business owners and entrepreneurs to create jobs.  We need policies that encourage free market growth to escape the Obama/Landrieu economic malaise created by anti-small business politics and crony capitalism.  The government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers.  It's time to implement common sense policies that create middle-class jobs and encourage corporations not only to stay in the United States, but to likewise welcome others to do business here as well.

Tax Reform and Fiscal Responsibility 

The American people are overtaxed, our government is addicted to spending, and the US Senate has not passed a budget in over four years.  We must reform our tax code.  It is government's role to promote policies that provide the most opportunity for success to all Americans.  We must save entitlement programs now, before they reach insolvency.  We must balance the budget and make real cuts, not cuts in future growth rates.

Maintain a Strong National Security Policy

I will fight to secure funding for our military forces at appropriate levels.  President Obama and Senator Landrieu's plans to cut our military across the board without a well-planned, comprehensive strategy must be stopped.  I will ensure that we will always honor our commitments to veterans who have honorably served.  The Department of Veterans Affairs must be reformed to ensure that we accomplish this goal and cut red tape standing in the way of our heroes.

International Security

My unique experience in the Pentagon after 9/11 offers first-hand experience into the face of global terrorism.  We must always maintain a level of defense capability necessary to effectively identify and defeat National and International security threats like the current Islamic-Fascism we face wherever they are around the globe.

Social Issues

I am pro-life.  I believe life begins at conception. I support traditional marriage. Marriage is defined as one man and one woman.

Energy Independence and Security

The only way to free us from dependence on despot countries that use oil prices to gain international advantage is to keep developing alternative energy sources while simultaneously following an "all of the above" approach.  We need to increase oil refinery capacity, provide fast-track approval for job creating projects such as the Keystone pipeline while continuing to explore successful natural gas production and free up more federal land for drilling.

Repeal the Obama/Landrieu Government Healthcare Takeover

Develop and implement common sense, free-market reforms. The only way to increase quality and access to healthcare while reducing costs is to ensure patients and doctors are empowered to make their own choices. Medical choices made at the provider and patient level are proven to drive down costs while maintaining quality service.  I've supervised government hospitals and have been treated by government healthcare most of my life.  With no incentive to keep cost down or provide good medical service, we've seen the lack quality care evident in the government model.

Immigration and Border Security

We cannot consider immigration reform before we secure our border. I will fight any proposal that does not include achievable and verifiable border security. I also support ending “birthright citizenship”. Senator Landrieu supported the DREAM Act, supports giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition discounts, supports “chain migration” (where an immigrant becomes a citizen and is allowed to bring other family members into the country legally) and supports the current plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Recently, Congressman Cassidy was asked about his position on immigration reform and a spokesperson said, “He has not finished reading the bill yet.”


Our education system should be the safest and best in the world.  We spend more dollars per student than any country in the world but rank among the lowest in graduate performance.  We must ensure curriculum control remains at the local level and where Common Core standards developed by State or Federal Government supported non-governmental organizations have been adopted, defund them and return control to parents and local school boards.  The Department of Education is a highly questionable expenditure that should be considered for cuts in the national budget debate considering the billions of dollars spent for little benefit.  Data show the most effective education programs are constructed and implemented at the local level.

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