Why I Want To Represent Louisiana In The U.S. Senate

I was born into a military family. My family has proudly served in the military since the American Revolutionary War and Candy and I are blessed to have two great children that are currently serving our country.

Growing up in a military family, and then enlisting in the armed forces myself when I was 17, I’ve lived across our country and around the globe as first my father, and then myself, proudly served our country.

We lived in a lot of great cities and exotic places, but there was always something about Louisiana that kept drawing me back.

When I officially retired from the Air Force after 32 years of service, Candy and I decided that, out of the entire world and the U.S., we wanted to return to Louisiana.

We had lived in Louisiana off and on for about 8 years while I served our country and we knew that we wanted to come back.

We chose to make Louisiana our home.  Candy and I love Louisiana. Of course, we love the food and the character of Louisiana, but, most of all, we love the people of Louisiana.

The people of our great state are unlike any other people in the world. From Lake Providence to the Gulf Coast, and everywhere in between, the people of Louisiana are some of the hardest working, most generous people in the world.

When Candy and I moved back to Louisiana, running for office wasn’t even on my radar screen. I knew that I wanted to make a difference but there were other priorities to attend to first.

But, the more I watched what was happening to our State, our Country and our Constitution, I knew that I needed to take action and get involved. The frustration of watching President Obama dismantle our Constitution and our personal liberties piece-by-piece while Senator Landrieu sat back and did nothing to protect the interests of the great people of Louisiana, was growing inside of me.

Candy and I discussed things many times and we spent many hours praying for guidance as I pondered what I could do to help Louisiana and our Country.

That’s when we decided that I would run for U.S. Senate to replace Senator Landrieu and protect and defend our Constitution and Louisiana.

The people of our state have strong Conservative values. Senator Landrieu and others are out-of-step with these values.

We have an opportunity to make a change next year and replace the Liberal values of Senator Landrieu with someone who is a true Constitutional Conservative who will stand up for Louisiana and the values of our great state and its people.

But, I can’t do it without your help. Please click on the tab above and “Join The Maness Team”.

Candy and I thank you for your support as we begin this journey.  

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